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Welcome to West Bengal Audit and Accounts Service Officers' Association, an organization of serving members of the West Bengal Audit and Accounts Service. 

The objectives for the establishment of the Association are to work for the benefit, welfare and development of the members both serving and retired, for the social, cultural and professional development of its members and to carry on activities for the extension of knowledge in the fields of administration, finance, management and other allied subjects for implementing the financials policies of the Government and keeping a strict vigil over the spending fund from the Government exchequer for its optimum utilization in a most appropriate manner for the interest of the public. This in a way shall also enable the Government to formulate and design its future financial policies accordingly. 

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 Dear Colleuges,

                                I have been entrusted to perform duties of President of our beloved Association by the elected members of the Executive Committee for the period 2017-19. It is a tough task. But during my long twenty-one years’ service, I have faced various obstacles and crossed those hurdles. I never gave up. I have witnessed the dark days of our association at the beginning of my service. Thereafter, under the leadership of Subodh Ghosh, Nirmal Sarkhel and Pradip Mohanti, our Association has turned into bright sunshine. Leaders mentioned earlier, crated un-believable brotherhood in our Association. Our present Executive Committee believes this brotherhood. Problems were and problems will be. Our target is to minimize problems as far as possible. To do this tough task, united strength is necessary. I need your strong support. Hope, in this two years, you will help me to prepare the stage for hand over the charge of our Association to our next generation who will proceed with full enjoyment.


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Dear Colleuges,
                          I am pleased to inform you that the Executive Committee of our Association has decided to publish the organ of our beloved Association again in regular manner. Primarily e-magazine would be published utilizing the electronic media and it would be uploaded in the website of our Association every month. However, efforts would always be there to publish the organ in print format.

          In order to make the effort of this publication successful, Executive Committee would like to bring the following matters to the cognizance to our members :-

(i) Every member will send his/her writings in either Bengali or English language through email at the mail address of our Association (wbaasoa1981@gmail.com) typing the matter in concerned fonts in MS Word;

(ii) Matters of writings may be our own experiences from the ambit of our professional or personal lives, short stories, poems, about travels, etc., but must be decent and undisputed;

(iii) Family members of our members may send their writings; however, their relation with our members must be mentioned precisely;

(iv) If necessary, Executive Committee may make minor corrections keeping the main essence of the writing unchanged as far as possible; after formation of Magazine Sub-Committee, it would render this duty under the guidance of the Executive Committee.

          We are immensely hopeful that in spite of tremendous workload every member will extend his/ her all out co-operation to make our effort successful and thus flourishes his/ her own creative talents, hidden otherwise.

          Expecting best co-operation from all members.


General Secretary 

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